Have fun with google maps

    May have already have been posted before, but for those who may have missed it have some fun with google maps.
    1. Go to Google Maps.
    2. Click on "Get Directions".
    3. At "A", type in "Kagoshima".
    4. At "B", type in "Taipei City".
    5. Click on "Get Directions".
    6. Under "Suggested routes", click on "1".
    7. Note that you are warned that "This route includes a ferry", which
    shouldn't surprise you.
    8. Scroll down to step 23.


    I like step 59

    59. Swim across the Pacific Ocean

    Original Poster


    I like step 5959. Swim across the Pacific Ocean

    Good spot didn't see that one.

    Welcome to 2 weeks ago.

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