have i been scammed?

    hi all
    I bought something off ebay today and paid thro paypal
    altho i checked their feedback i didn't click on what items they had purchased. They had 11+ 100% feedback but all things bought where for 1p - 99p

    i have requested a refund straight away and I am waiting for the reponse
    :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops:


    Sounds like it, hope it wasn't too much!

    Mash ? Has all the hallmarks of a problem.

    I think you're probably right to be concerned.

    Sounds extremely fishy to me, at least you paid through paypal though, but hope that it wasn't an expensive amount to try to claim.

    What was it you brought? It is worrying but they may have been buying feedback just so they would attract more bids (and not for the wrong reason!) I got caught on this once, there last ten purchases were e-books! But it turned out alright and the goods were as stated. But I wonder if I was extremely lucky!

    Original Poster

    well .....he had 1 boxset for sale, i asked if he could put a buy it now price so i could purchase today - so he put 10 more at buy it now - i dont really want to say who and what because he has not really done anything wrong .....yet

    It seems a weird one to scam on, I can't imagine it was that much? Was it a special box set?

    Now if it was a wii......I would say probably yes!

    Original Poster

    yes £75 and they are selling a brand new teadmill for about £300?????

    maria were you expecting a legitimate box set for the price you paid ? I think at the very least their items come from Asia and possibly even bootleg stuff.
    The cheapest UK release is nearly double the price !!

    Original Poster

    - this was on amazon for around £90 a few months back (found out thx to this site) but i was n't looking for it then - would av paid upto 90 but they put on for £70 plus P&P

    I wasn't criticising ! (Amazon £139 now)

    Anyway I think you're better off out of this one. Doesn't look the safest of purchases does it
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