Have I done ok, new laptop ... can cancel if needbe so opinions would be nice =)


    Ordered this from Dell this afternoon from the Outlet, saw it and couldn't resist. I've seen the £316 (I posted it!) and was really tempted but just couldn't make myself stretch up there because really this is a want more than a need and I doubt I will use it very often (not very moneysaving, but a HotDeal maybe?)

    It's a Inspiron 6400 Dual Core Processor T2080 (1.73GHz,1MB L2 cache, 533MHz) for £244.47 in total. 80GB HD, 1GB of RAM (probably upgrade with crucial) and Vista Premium (which I thought was good for price), standard for everything else.

    Reassurances really, I did ok? The £233 Dell Vostro 1000 would have been nice, but they finished and wouldn't let me order another one when I tried yesterday (ordered one for family).


    that is a bloody bargain if u ask me, well worth the money i dont think u can get any dual core for £250 ram is easily upgradable for so cheap and hard drive thats never bothered me i just use a pocket 2.5'' if i need more space

    any more about?

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    As Mike has said before, I've just spent the last week checking out the Outlet store umming and rrrring about my £316 deal or something cheaper.

    And saw it, and bought it! Glad it sounds ok

    Yep you did ok there, much rather a 6400 over a vostro 1000. I have a 6000 here that the kids have been hammering for around 3yrs now and still going strong.

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    The "man" has spoken - I'm happy now. =)

    (Thanks ;-) )


    It's a terrible purchase... but I'm happy to save you and buy it from you for £244.47

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    Wow, this thread came back from the dead.

    It's a lovely offer kemot, but I'm going to be swept away with no rescue this time.

    Looks good to me, the only recommendation I'd make is to get more ram as you already know - Vista really doesn't run well on 1GB but is fine with 2GB. The ram for your machine is cheap and on Dell machines it's normally a breeze to fit, simply unscrew a cover from the bottom, unclip the two existing modules and put the new ones in. You should have instructions how to do this in your manual, failing that Dell normally have a service manual on their site.

    The hard drive isn't big but as you've mentioned it's for occasional use I doubt that will be a problem and if it becomes one, the hard drive is also easy and cheap to upgrade. You can also buy a caddy for your existing drive which means you get the added benefit of a mobile external hard drive.

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