Have I had a good deal from 02


    Yesterday I rang 02 to cancel my 12 month contract.
    The guy asked why and I replied because I have started another contract with 02.
    He then told me as a valued 02 customer to have this contract going and offered me free 25 any network minutes/25 texts per month and will credit my account with £75. I will then receive £6 monthly bills for the next 12 months

    Basically, this is a 12 month free contract – do you think there is a catch to this?

    Are they offering this to everyone?

    Anyone who maybe coming to the end of their contract could also try for this deal or have they offered to me as I have recently started on another new 02 contract.



    Yep - if you push them it should be possible to add an additional 30 anytime x-net promotional minutes to the offer too giving a total of:

    55 anytime x-net minutes plus 25 texts per month

    The only catch is that you don't get a new handset - you've been given £75 credit instead

    I think only retentions department have the possibility to offer this, so you will need to speak with them to get this offer

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    Thanks for your reply Premier,

    Just checked my email and got a message saying…

    Thank you for your recent online order.

    Your order number is:……….

    Order Details
    upgrade:Delivery:DeliveryFree Delivery Charges
    upgrade:PRO:75:POST:35 O2 UK £75 Credit (C)-L

    And in another email titled .. Important news about your O2 handset upgrade

    We're happy to tell you that your O2 order has been passed to our warehouse for dispatch. Your new O2 handset will be on its way to you very soon.

    With your new handset you'll also receive details on how to activate your phone. If you have any problems, don't worry. O2's 24 hour online eCare service means you can find help anytime, just visit: You'll find a lot of useful information about O2 and, also, how to contact us.

    Abit confused about this second email on the handset - Does this mean I will get a new handset?

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    I have had another email from 02, this is the monthly online bill I receive and on here states : We will collect -£45 from your account.
    So looks like they have already credited with £75-£30 monthly bill = £45
    I thought this would have been on my next bill.

    Now, this is the 12th bill I have to send to mobileshop for my final claim, do you think this will affect my cashback.


    The bill should have a breakdown of the charges and therefore should clearly show that you have a credit applied of £75 (which shouldn't affect anything with mobileshop) and your line rental for the coming month (£30 being the agreed line rental from last years contract - this should be the final month)

    That bill, even though it has an applied credit of £75, should not affect your cashback deal with mobileshop as it clearly shows you have paid your £30 for your 12th month, albeit from an applied credit.

    Next month you should get a bill that shows your monthly rental is £16, but that will be offset in part by an extra £10 credit (The deal you have is actually £16 per month with £10 per month rebate, hence the quoted £6 per month). Of course you still wont have to pay anything yet as your account will still be £39 in credit

    i.e. (assuming no extra call charges)

    Brought forward: £-45.00
    Line rental: £16.00
    Credit: £-10.00
    Balance: £-39.00

    Of course this means that the final 5 months of this year you will have to now pay £6.00 per month, since you have already used £30 of your £75 credit to pay for this months rental.

    Bottom line is that you have still get what they promised - you've just used the credit in a different way. As for a new handset, I'd be surprised if you get one - did you order one? I think that is just a standard email they send out.

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    Thanks very much Premier for the detailed explanation.

    No, I didn’t order a new handset and was not mentioned in my conversation with the 02 guy so not expecting one too but the email’s just a bit misleading.

    Thanks once again for your help.

    if you go instore and do a cash resign deal,basically you dont take a phone but renew your contract you get £100 credited to your bill...
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