Have I just bought a fake Abercrombie & Fitch Gilet?

Found 24th Dec 2014
I just bought this from ebay and the seller does have 100% feedback but the logo embroidery is terrible as you can see.This is my first purchase of anything from this make but is the quality really that bad?

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That's looks awful, I'd be sending it straight back
I would have to agree with benjammin, high end brands like A&F do not embroider this sloppy...
I'm surprised you have to ask with quality like that oO
Cheers everyone.I HAVE to ask first as I've bought other brands before from the retailers themselves and I've been disappointed with quality issues before.
I've contacted the ebay seller and he says that this stitching is normal but looking closer at it the "o" looks more like a "D".
Not sure wether to report the seller tbh
If you are unhappy with the product in any way whatsoever then send it back as you will be covered under the new regulations. Make sure you state it is faulty or not as described so Ebay make the seller cover return costs. (Just open up a return case through Ebay).

I am assuming you purchased via a 'Buy It Now' listing from a business seller.
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Cannot see image?
terrible, deffo a fake
Looks pretty bad but might have been done by the seller himself? I'd ask for prof of authenticity for it if possible to.

Also, whats the label like inside? Most fakes usually have a normal white tabbed label as opposed to the proper flat label that Hollister/A&F usually have.
why don't you send a copy of the above image with details to Abercrombie & Fitch. and ask them for opinion.also do they supply the outfit you bought it from. i'm sure they would be interested to know whats being sold in their name. i'd be surprised if they where not helpfull.
definately a fake. the embroidery looks like something you pick up from the street market.
Found this on E Bay, might be worth a read.

any buttons, zips etc should have at least A&F if not Abercrombie & Fitch on them
Send it back.also inform trading standards
That's awful!! Fake!

Wow , wish i hadn't asked now.......... is that a labrador with dreadlocks?

As others have said it is a blatant fake.

I wouldn't return it, I'd raise a case with ebay. They should refund you and tell you to destroy the item.
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