have i made a good choice?

i got a sudden urge yesterday to get a v+ box for £75.00 im already a VM customer. I wanted the facilatly to record programes and as i live in a bad area for freeview its one of my only options . Then i read about the freesat launch coming soon!! and im wondering will they have a recordable function to the box ? should i wait for the launch or have i made a good choice.

If i should wait can i get a cancellation for this i only signed up friday evening and i cant find anything on their website about cancellation terms.

can anyone advise me please on cancellations and if its a good idea for me to hold out a couple more months.


Can't answer you question about cancellation, but this is from the ]Freesat website with regards to recordable function on the box

"How much will it cost?

A one-off payment will get you the lot. You'll pay for the digital box, the satellite dish and installation. There will be a selection of equipment available with a range of functionality to deliver additional benefits, such as digital TV recorders and TVs with freesat receivers built in. NB: You will still need a satellite dish with a TV with freesat receiver.

Prices and products available will be announced closer to launch."

I think you are definetely allowed to cancel just call them up and say you have changed your mind about the purchase as you want to purchase one in a few months instead. They probably wont say no as its like all normal purchases online/via telephone, you are able to cancel your order.

VM has more channels than freeview but it depends on what package u have with VM. I doubt the freeview reception would get any betetr with Freesat unless the use other sattelites to braodcast the signal. Perhaps using a newer outdoor aerial would help?

I think VM give a 28 day moneyback guarentee anyway

If you cannot get good freeview now, that will not change in the near future, so the fact that you can get freeview boxes with hdd for recording is irrelevant. Stick with your VM if it works for you.
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