Have Iceland stopped doing bakery stuff?

    My local store used to stock Iceland own brand bread, muffins, crumpets (12 for 50p bargain!) etc. But now they are all replaced with the Kingsmill brand. Just want to know if it's just my local doing it or if it's the same case in all Iceland branches.


    Our local branch hasn't done own brand since it opened years ago

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    You not missing it then, I thought it might be something to do with the 'credit crunch' with prices going up?

    It's all the cheapest own brand stuff disappearing from the shelves as the more expensive things have a larger profit margin to buffer the increase in costs :-( We are making bread in a breadmaker now as it's about 1/3 the price (electricity and ingredients included) as the stuff we used to buy.

    If they get rid of Smartprice Beans & Sausages... it's war

    Suprised no Kerry Katona jokes on here.

    loved their pecan pie...ok bit off topic..but thought id mention it!



    Suprised no Kerry Katona jokes on here.

    What's happened to the baps?

    sidetracking more their bacon is among the best supermarket (cheap) ive found though (the one pound lots)
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