Have just joined

    Hello, I have just joined your great site.
    Wanted to say hello, but didnt know where?.:lol:


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    Can someone tell me how to change the flint bit under my name?.
    I want to put Southport.

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    Hello, I have just registered on this great site, and wanted to say hi to everyone. Also can someone tell me how I can get rid of Flint under my name?.
    I want to put my home town of Southport there.

    Warm welcome to HUKD susanemily

    Flint will stay for while until you progress with postings & rating.

    You can add your hometown in your profile (under: location).

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    Thankyou for your kind welcome and telling me how to put my home town on.:-D :-D

    Welcome to HUKD Susanemily!
    Loving the dancing kitten - where did you find it?

    That name is given to you automatically depending on how many posts you have posted. Your location still comes up underneath.

    You are welcome Susan and I hope you enjoy surfing HUKD. :smile:

    Welcome to HotUKDeals susanemily Thanks and Hi to you too!

    tommygun3030 is right, the flint under your name is your post count status

    Merged and moved your two threads into the correct forum


    Welcome to Hukd's from me too susanemily, great to see you posting

    Welcome aboard susanemily,
    xx fizzie xx

    Welcome to Hukds from me too susanemily.
    Is the tide out at Southport today?!?

    It goes in and out twice a day.

    I used to go to Southport regularly as a child and never ever saw the tide come in.

    welcome to HUKD

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    We have just had a really high tide. Came right up. Something of a novelty for anyone who knows Southport.
    Yes the tide does come in every day, but it`s only when we get the high tides that people see it.
    It`s a long standing joke, that Southport is the only seaside town without sea.
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