Have orange backed down?

    just got a text from orange, saying the changes they were making to charges to calls and mobile browsing has been scrapped.

    has anyone else got this? orange seem to have backed down....


    Orange scrapped this a few weeks ago and it seems linked to the fact that they are joining up with T Mobile,

    Friend got that after they gave him his pac code, he still left.

    If they gave you your pac you could still leave, but the changes aren't happening now.

    I would have thought if you haven't used the pac at this point its expired now. . .

    Original Poster

    i never got a pac or anything so doesn't matter to me, but i never recieved the first text to say charges are going up, so why i recieved this one is a mystery lol

    I got the same message a few days ago.....
    Like yourself I never got the first text informing me of the changes
    just the second one telling me that they are now no longer
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