Have Tesco stopped issuing Ticketmaster vouchers in the boost?

Found 3rd Mar 2016
Sorry if this has already been asked / answered somewhere.
I see the Tesco website has been redesigned and I can't seem to find the 'double up' option for Ticketmaster vouchers. Has it been removed completely or does anyone know when, or if, they will be returning?
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I don't know what's happening, like you. I couldn't find Ticketmaster before Christmas, then the double-up offer reappeared in January. I tried to find it again after February's clubcard vouchers hit my account but Ticketmaster have disappeared once more. The Ticketmaster double-up has been the best use of my clubcard vouchers over the last few years, I it's not been permanently withdrawn.
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Yes it's been the best use for my vouchers too, would be a pity if they have removed it. I'll send them an email to ask but it normally takes ages to get a reply.
Thanks for your help!
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