Have they sent me the wrong phone?

    Forgive me for being slow, but it's a loooooong time since I had any thing to do with PayG phones.

    I ordered this one for my mum on TMobile:…PAY

    I assumed that meant the phone would come locked to Tmobile and she'd be able to just put her existing TMobile sim in it and be away. However it has arrived today and when you turn it on the Orange logo shows and after entering her pin number she is asked for a 'Network Key'.

    Have they sent me an Orange phone by mistake? Have I misunderstood what ordering that phone on TMobile means, or is something else going on entirely?

    Thanks to any one who can enlighten me!


    yes it looks that way

    it it is sim free you just put your card in and away you go

    norm if a phone is locked to a netwook it will have the network logo on the case somewhere or on the screen when you fire it up

    Did you definitely select T Mobile when you ordered as it is offered on Orange and T Mobile

    There is a choice of either network,either you ordered the wrong one or they sent you the wrong one,what does the invoice say ?

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    Yeah I double checked my email receipt before starting this thread, definitely ordered it on TMobile.

    I will get on to them now, just wanted to make sure I wasn't going to make myself look silly by not really understanding what was going on.

    Thanks guys

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    The response was...'No one that can help you made it in today, we GOT SNOW IN LONDON!!'


    Crazy that London closes down thanks to an ickle bit of snow. Looks like I will have to try again in a day or two.
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