Have to post ebay item to jersey...Need help please?

Found 19th Feb 2011
Hi, I've just sold a ps3 caddy to a buyer in jersey and i've never done it before. I normally exclude the channel islands but i forgot and i haven't got a clue what i've got to do. Will the postage be higher because i've only charged them 1st class recorded uk rate? Any help would be really appreciated. Thank you.


''Any help would be really appreciated. Thank you''

Don't eat yellow snow.

You are welcome.

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lol....let me rephrase that....any help about posting items to jersey would be really appreciated :-)


Put the info into the RM price finder ^^^ It looks the same price for normal letter stamps but just use the price finder to confirm it.

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Thanks sickly sweet....i don't know why i didn't think of that...must be tired...time for bed me thinks.

Post to Jersey is same as to rest of UK, different the other way from there to here.

Remember 1st class postage only covers £41 in value also'

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Thanks everyone for your help :-)

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