Have US Dollars to spend - Help

    Hi all,

    I have a few thousand US dollars in a bank in the US and have been reluctant to send them home due to the current exchange rate.

    Have been thinking that maybe I could buy some things in the US and get them shipped over to the UK, then sell them on ebay or the likes. Obviously I have to try avoid customs etc

    Does anyone know any good sites or have any idea what may be suitable for me to purchase ?

    Thanks in advance.


    Give them to me! I don't mind the exchange rate!

    Avoiding customs etc could be difficult, and then if you are thinking of buying anything electrical, don't the goods' warranties etc become null and void?

    Even by avoiding customs and putting whatever you buy on ebay, you may make less money than you would have done if you exchanged them now as ebay can be a bit of a gamble.

    I think you should just take the money and run. Either wait for the exchange rate to look more favourable, or just exchange now - it'll help to go towards your Visa bill you can't wait to own!

    Good luck with whatever you decide to do!

    You won't be able to avoid customs - the limit is (I think) £18 before you have to pay VAT. (Not sure if there's still such a thing as import duty.)

    Have a word with your UK bank; you might be able to open a foreign currency account (they used to do this sort of account some years ago, when I worked in a bank), in which case you can then just transfer the $ over & keep them in your account in the UK. They will stay as $ in the account until you draw them out in which case the current exchange rate will apply.
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