Have Uwish gone bust?

    I used to use them quite a bit for cds and dvds, but there website has been down for days. Does anyone know if they have karked it?


    It's a big possibility!!

    quite a few dvd/cd sites rely on woolworths side company for bringing stock in - maybe they have been caught up in that - going to get sorted out though - well thats what papers say

    I was speaking to someone in the UWish Cash & Carry side and they are making changes to the business at the moment as UWish is one part of a larger company so this has caused the site to be down but they hope to have it up and running again in the next wek or so.

    Their sister site is up, but my order was only partially completed (27/11/08 date).

    Online support is never active, telephone system can not connect and the site doesn't even respond to a password reminder. Don't know whether it will accept orders anymore.

    The group looks pretty dead from when I'm standing.

    No business in their right mind is going to 'restructure' and stop selling items during the Xmas sale period.

    I ordered an item on the 20th of Nov as an xmas gift and it hasn't shown up. Went onto their site to see it today and feared the worst!

    Still down I see...

    Doesn't look good - can't see a business taking their site offline for over a week right before Christmas with not so much as a message to customers.

    Looks like they've gone.
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