have you been to egypt??

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Found 12th Feb 2010
Im thinking of booking a trip for this summer to fly there then travel the big cities like luxor, cairo, and alexandria. possibly mount sinai too.. I was just wondeing what peoples excperiences was? some people on tripadvisor recommended that to see the great pyramids you should get a cheap flight to sharm el sheik(probably spelled that wrong!!) then fly onto cairo... im greatful for any info!! also how much did you pay for flights this seems to be the biggest cost in my mind!



We went to cairo , luxor then to sharm in 2008 june . We flew with egypt air to and from UK and the inbetween bits all booked directly with egypt air via their website as this was this cheapest option and booked all tre on he hotels individually via the internet looking at what the cheapest highest rating hotels via tripadvisor .
We booked all tours etc when we got there as the hotels we went to to were trusted to do this .
In cairo outside of the tourist tour groups no one speaks english , so a few words of arabic is helpful such as hello , thanks etc .
If you enter egypt other than sharm you have to purchase a egyptian visa at the egypt airport

Carry anti diarrohea tabs , hat , plenty of sunblock , loose fitting clothes ,

B e firm but polite to kids/ adults selling stuff if you don't want it , haggle / barter for everything in markets

Women outside of the touristy areas ( but as it's so hot you might want to cover your arms etc ) should cover their arms etc and dress modestly wear loose things that cover your arms and upper legs if you don't want undue attension - you will get it even when walking with men / a man .

The pyramids are wonderfull , light and sound show good ,

luxor - do the ballon ride at dawn over the valley of the kings / queens , karnac ,

sharm - very unlike the rest of egypt - much like a spain in egypt good for chilling out , fab beaches - the best for divers , scuba diving , snorkelling and seeing fish and stuff you normally see in the tank - the clearest water Ive ever been in . Naama bay , sharks bay have all the touristy restaurants etc

I go every year, usually diving, so I can comment on sharm, hurghada etc. love the place, marsa alam is a bit quieter, but loads to do, people are nice but will pester you unless you are firm with them. You have got to try the red sea scuba diving, unbelievable.

my bf has just got back from sharm el sheik and he had a great time. he went quad biking in the desert and mountains. he got a lovely tan too!

im thinking of taking my hubby this year for his 30th birthday 2 but was put on by a few people saying the men constanly touch and harras u?? is this SOOO much worse then the usual??
really would like to go though!

men will only harass you if you dress in a provocative manner - just common sense such as wear long or 3/4 sleeves , cover your cleavage, cover above your knees etc and you'll be fine . Within tourist areas you'll be fine , outside of them I would suggest you cover up - loose fitting clothes are best ,
Having a man walking with you also comes in handy and being firm but polite to any unwanted attension

My lucky sister is there at the moment she is in Sharm El Sheikh, she went to see the pyramids of Giza today the lucky bu*ger

is she a lucky burger ?? lol


is she a lucky burger ?? lol

It seems to block the other word, don't see why though, because I can't see it classed as profanity:w00t:

BTW easyjet do a really cheap flight over there i think the OP mentioned this - but I think it's a 5 hour flight so do you really want to fly that long on a cheapo flight ????? also consideer your weight allowance with easy jet and if flight cancelations occur they do faff all to help -

PS just did a check on egypt air for
london to cairo, cario to luxor, luxor to sharm, sharm to london

£470 currently
Hotels we stayed at cairokhan - cairo , iberostar/hotel luxor - room service was great here really cheap , sultan gardens -sharm all inclusive we went for 2 weeks 4 days

pps taxi every where but haggle the price and you might want an underwater disposable camera to photo all the fishes / mantarays / corels in sharm
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