Have you been to Vegas recently? - Advice on taxi fare from airport to strip please


    Going to Vegas soon. Would like to know what the general price is for a taxi from LV airport (Terminal 2) to the strip (Mandalay Hotel) to ensure I have enough US$ so as not to get caught out.

    Thanks for any advicve


    Its probably between $20 and $30....

    I went about 5 years ago and i think it was about $20 but got a bus back to airport at the end of stay for about $5 stayed at circus circus

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    Cheers Steve and Mojo.

    Steve, for some reason (or two) I can't seem to stop staring at your Avatar. Hubba


    Cheers Steve and Mojo.Steve, for some reason (or two) I can't seem to … Cheers Steve and Mojo.Steve, for some reason (or two) I can't seem to stop staring at your Avatar. Hubba

    lol...unfortunately those 2 reasons wont get you a taxi from the airport to the strip!!! it would get her a free taxi from the airport to the strip tho! :thumbsup: :-D

    It's was ages ago when we went, would advise to ask some one at the airport what they think you should pay too, as we found out the taxi driver knew we were tourist so took us the longish way round to the venician, that way he gets the tips for certain. But as we didn't know we tipped him again - he got double without us knowing!!

    Enjoy - have a good time!

    theres a bus

    Went in December.There is a bus but to be honest its much quicker and easier to get a taxi, there are several waiting at the airport. I think it depends on your taxi driver, also where you are on the strip, we stayed at the MGM grand which is just near Mandalay bay and it cost us about $14 going and on return to the airport only $11. It is cheaper obviously the nearer to the airport you are and you are on the south part of the strip so the cheapest area


    They may sting you by taking the out of towners the long route. Happened to several people we met this summer.

    First off i would see if your hotel does a shuttle bus as this may be free,
    If not there is a company that does shuttle buses from the airport to the strip for like $8-10 per person maybe cheaper (i cant remember i was there this summer) and the buses drop you at whatever hotel you want.

    But i would def check with Mandalay bay see if they do a shuttle
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