Have you ever dropped one

lol it does look like fun!
****ing idiots, what's wrong with them, just kill them all i say!
w t f
That looks stupid where are the mothers . Why not just jump themselves
:-D looks like the modern way to give birth...position hubby down below and make him catch
O M G horrid pure horrid
from the comments... dont think I'm gonna look at that!
The babies don't seem that bothered, but I was terrified watching!
Omg! !

****ing idiots, what's wrong with them, just kill them all i say!

Funny how the default response of some people faced with something unfamilar is genocide. You're not alone in this. The first European settlers to set foot in Australia were so stumped by the notion and the customs of the Aborigines that they made something of a sport out of slaughtering them in their hundreds of thousands. Doesn't stop it being a completely idiotic thing to say, though.
omg, that's bizarre. Is that done a lot in India? I've never seen such a thing.
That's the weirdest thing I've seen done by a group of people to babies....don't they realise that babies have extremely sensitive bones? :x

I guess this means America is going to declare war shortly. :whistling:
babies have soft pliable bones actually and as they're relaxed even when they fall they often dont hurt themselves.

However I havent seen the link and hate the idea of babies being dropped.

Cant even stand that scene in that movie where the pram goes bouncing down the steps.. makes me too anxious!!
Omg why did i look at that?! it can't be real can it?
This is Sparta
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