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Have you ever had problems with pet planet?

Posted 19th May 2010
I ordered some bits off pet planet including some treats for my guinea pig and a filtered water fountain bowl for my dog. The treats came in crumbs! I was really dissapointed. I know there only going to get eaten but there expensive and I expected them to come as described. Anyway I left that and tried the fountain. It's awful. Really noisy, i expected noise as it's a pump but it's really loud and the water doesn't run evenly and ends up with more on the floor. I tried everything but no good. I rang them to return it and all I had was hassel. They wouldn't accept on the phone that it's faulty. Theve told ne to send it back and if they think it's faulty they will refund my postage costs but if thy don't agre they won't. I'm not happy with that at all. It's not as described as it's doesn't say it's extremenly loud and doesn't do what it says. It's a waste of money.

They were not helpful at all and spoke to me like I was a liar. Anyone else had a problem with them?
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