Have you ever known a cheque to clear into an account on a saturday?

Posted 19th Dec 2008
waiting for a cheque to clear,my friend reckons hers cleared on a saturday but cant say ive ever had this happen,can a cheque clear on a saturday? i thought it would only clear on working/banking weekdays?
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never heard of it.
I don't think the Clearing Houses work on Saturday. It is always "working days - Mon - Fri" that are mentioned.
hhmmm thats what i thought too
anything that goes in or out of your account will show up on a saturday but it will show mondays date. for example if you have a direct debit go out on monday it will show up on the sat as going out for monday but affects your account and funds available on the sat as it is a non working day. so if a chq clears on the monday the money will be available on the sat.im with natwest and worked for them for 5 yrs I get paid monday but i know i can go to the bank and with draw or use my card 2moro...hope this helps.
Caturday .......................................Dont think so.
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