Have you ever lied on your CV?

    Was just wondering how common this is.

    Have you ever done it, and if so did it come back to haunt you?



    Haha. This thread could be interesting!!

    I suppose you could call it lying, although i wouldnt! - Both my parents are self employeed and i have always helped them out (web design, sage stuff, paperwork etc) and i embellished about it on my CV a little!

    Has never come back to haunt me because its my mum and step dad they have a different surname to me, dont think employers put two and two together regarding addresses etc!
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    I said I have a degree but I dont LOL

    seriously though no maybe a little tweak but nothing that would bite me in the bum...that much

    No... I don't fancy losing a job because someone has found out.



    No... I don't fancy losing a job because someone has found out.

    or going to jail

    I suppose that depends on whether it's a white lie or not. i.e. saying you can use the whole Microsoft Office package only to find that you could only use Word or Outlook. We can look away from that, but Saying you have a degree when you don't. That's dodgy grounds lol

    These days though, experience is 1000x better than some shoddy piece of paper that means you can spit out what you were taught but not actually use it.

    No, but I remember finding out that my friend had lied about his GCSE results to get into college.
    They caught him eventually and allowed him to apply to a lower level course.


    Nope but did work in a place before when someone got found out and sacked. He said he could use a certain program which it turned out he could barely even open it never mind use it so he got his cards after a week

    I think most people, myself included, exaggerate but not lie!

    I tweak job titles and what they entailedl to fit a job spec but lying is a big no-no!

    I caught out a guy last year who lied to me about an aspect of his CV related to Leeds uni, he would have been much more convincing if he had done 5 minutes research online. His answers to Leeds specific questions were vague and had no substance.
    I didnt give him the job, but have subsequently hired him for on contract as his coding is great and he delivers on time, cant see why he lied now.

    Never done a cv. So i guess nope.
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    Not so much lied, more like not 100% true. If you don't give all he facts about something it can appear better than the whole truth

    Yes , I played with dates slightly
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