Have you ever made your own underwear?

    I don't want to buy underwear, I want to make my own by getting suitable material and a sewing kit.

    It should be cheaper than buying it.

    How do you make your own underwear?



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    I mean: "How does one make one's own underwear?"


    Can't help with how to make them Gary but bit of advice for you,be careful with the spelling....

    are you asking me how i make my own under wear or are you asking me to teach you how to make your own under wear?

    Think you have lost the plot.

    Go for it dude.

    Much cheaper mate, I do it all the time.


    underwear is cheaper than buying fabric! I take it this is a joke!

    A nice bit of dental floss normally does the trick!

    Two handkerchiefs makes good bra , 1 handkerchief and an elastic band makes a cotton thong , I would suggest you keep to cotton .
    When these are worn out they can be used as cleaning cloths or a parachute for an action man if you add suitable strings and throw off staircase or tree .

    op, you obviously haven't paid attention to this site often enough. when there are knicker or boxer sale on, they are dirt cheap so you would find it difficult to save money buying material and a sewing machine.

    can't make underwear by hand stitching! it would take ages and look pretty awful if you did it.

    I have made underwear smell ... Does that count?

    What sustainable material did you have in mind op?

    Under where ?(_;)


    School holidays have kicked in. Why don't the children want to learn?

    I wish.

    Still laughing at that, you are so far off of the mark..

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    I searched it on youtube and there are loads of videos explaining how to do it.
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