have you received chip & pin machine from nationwide?

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Found 26th Mar 2008
i received mine today - its going live in a couple of weeks according to enclosed letter -
it has occurred to me that this could be a cop out from banks in case of online fraud - if you dont use your c & p you wont be covered ....maybe ??

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The only way to access Online Banking is through that machine

Read about this a few days ago, I am with halifax though and they havent unveiled their version yet

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robot - does that mean i have to use it everytime - it wont let me pay for anything online ? i didnt read all the bumf

my kids thought it was a calculator!!!

i know i am going to lose it!!!

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v2drinkers - i was only thinking it may have been -

It is a good move, to combat card fraud.

How many people have a driving license or other details in their wallet, thus if they lose it a fraudster can use their card to their hearts content on the internet.

IMO it does mean that 'man in the middle' attacks will become more common in the long term.
Whereby a fraudster hijacks your browser and whereby you are trying to buy something for £10 they will be "stoping" that communication and instead use the information to buy something for £100.
In thesze instances the bank would not inncur the cost as it would be your computer security that was at fault

A similar MO is a current risk with normal chip and pin transactions, but not used on the internet at the moment.

Soon all banks will have these "calculators"

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ok crowe - so in effect if card was defrauded from an online purchase - the bank could say it was my fault ??

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thanks v2 and robot & crow - rep given

I have one with Barclays. Can't acces the bank without it now


I have one with Barclays. Can't acces the bank without it now

snap, had it a while now :thumbsup:

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zeus - dont you find it a pain having to swipe et all everytime you go online - or do yo get used to it like everything else.......

remember when hduk changed - jesus what an uproar!!

The only way to access Online Banking is through that machine

you only have to use it when making a payment...not for signing in to your online banking. You start off with one, but I have ordered a second one for leaving at work. This allows me to make payments when at my two main locations

I have new card with the chip and pin but also the wave techgizmo have yet to see anywhere to use it though.


At the moment I dont think they have made that liabilty shift.

Longer term I'm sure if your card was used online, with your pin the bank would say its your fault.
Just like they did with Chip & Pin,

This is a positive step forward though and a lot better than having nothing whatsoever, still waiting for my bank to roll it out...

Longer term Mobile Payments are the way forward (through your phone etc) that the industry will go
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