Have you used Trainpal app's "Palsave Monthly Pack" ?

Posted 6th Sep 2021
I just DL-ed Trainpal app and while browsing I noticed within the app they sell "Palsave Monthly Pack" for £2,99 and it looks like if I purchase it, I can get £3 off when I spend £3.01 or more on one transaction (I hope that's what they are saying)

Basically : this month, I have to travel from station X to station Y for 2 weeks, and each return trip costs me £16 (not cheap!) so if this Palsave Monthly Pack really works, I can save £3 each trip
each day ( Means, it will be £13 instead of £16? ). so just wanted ask you guys

reason I downloaded the app in the first place - was purely I can get £3 off code as a first time user (then I discovered this Monthly Pack thingy).


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