Haven Sites Weymouth.

    Just wondering if anyone has been to the Haven sites in Weymouth? We have been to the Burnham and Devon Cliffs sites but wanted to try a different place this time. Thanks.



    Going next week, and will report back to you

    Looks pretty good though, as you get access to both sites

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    Thanks very much foosball chum. Hope you have a good time!

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    Thanks also for the links on review sites. I will check them out.


    OK just the first day here so far, but its seems a lovely park. The caravans are clean and all the amenities are here. I'm staying at the Seaview park, but the Weymouth Bay site is a short walk across the park.

    At this time of year its very busy (school holidays) so even though we had a 4pm check in, it was way past 6pm before we actually got checked in.

    The swimming pools look great fun, and the park is excellent. The beach is about a half mile walk away. Its been recommended to us to not take the kids to Weymouth beach as its gets crowded and rowdy!

    There is a cove just a short drive away that is meant to be a little less packed (where the locals go)

    The staff seem friendly, and like all places like this if you talk to them nicely they want to do more than enough to help you out.

    I will try to get you more information as I find it out. But as long as a caravan holiday is what you are expecting (and not a 5 star hotel spa break, like it seems the mother-in-law was!) then you will enjoy yourself
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