Having a new boiler fitted with chemical flush - is access to all radiators needed?

Posted 7th Oct
I'm having a new boiler fitted soon and they are starting with a chemical flush. I'm wondering throughout the whole process, do they need access to all the radiators? I'm trying to gauge if i'm needing to move beds/wardrobes ect upstairs if they need to get to all radiators? Can someone outline the process? Do they do temp checks on each one? bleed them all? Anyone have any experience with this?
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They will need bleeding as a minimum. If they are willing to not bled since radiators and you sign to say that's your wish you could end up with a plumber call out in mid winter. Get it done prooerly - once!
They will normally need to check/fit thermostatic valves to radiators as well as bleed them.
Depending how they do it you could theoretically do a chemical flush without needing the rads bled afterwards (sucking water out of say the towel rail and replacing with flusher is one way ) . But certainly a boiler change will necessitate bleeding .Trvs are not an essential ,but are so cheap worth fitting when the boiler is changed and the system drained down (only about £5 apiece ) .
They will need access to the valves on both sides of the radiator to do a effective flush. Normally open the valves full allow the chemical to flow through the whole system. Then only leave 1 rad open to apply the full pressure from the machine. This is normally done by closing all the valves on the rads that aren't being flushed. Then once finished bleed the rads and balance all the rads again.
Think about how do you do a chemical flush. You put chemicals in the system and leave them to work. Some overnight. Some can be left for weeks. None that are any use go in one end and out the other.

So how many days in advance are they coming to do the flush?

To properly flush the system, you close down all the rads and open each in turn to flush and then close it and move on to the next rad. Takes a while to do.

if you have poorly fitted push fit connections (no inserts): it isn’t uncommon for joints to blow apart.

Then you refill with new water (ie the stuff that has oxygen in it which is required to create more sludge and rust in rads) and need to add more chemicals to neutralise the effects.

Do your rads heat up evenly or are there cold spots at the middle bottom?

Flushing can be a benefit but it isn’t the cure all it’s sold as. It isn’t a 5 minute job.
ccnp08/10/2019 07:10

Flushing can be a benefit but it isn’t the cure all it’s sold as. It isn …Flushing can be a benefit but it isn’t the cure all it’s sold as. It isn’t a 5 minute job.

Most boiler manufacturers state the system should conform to a particular BS standard (cant remember the number) for cleanliness before their boiler is fitted to cover them for the boiler warranty. Conforming to the British Standard normally (but doesn't necessarily have to) consists of a flush as a minimum or a Powerflush if your feeling flushed
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