Having a nightmare............

    Hi guys,

    wonder if you can help me out !!

    I've spent the best part of a week installing my surround sound speakers (which are superb by the way).

    I've hidden all the cables, installed optical cables from my sub to behined my TV behined my wooden fl;oor beading - it really looks good.........

    ....I've plugged my Xbox 360 into an optical out, and the games & DVD's sound really good....

    ....I went to plug the other optical lead into my sky box so I can listen to the surround sound when watching sky, and my box doesn;t have one

    I know two people with Sky+ & they have an optical out, is it only Sky+ boxes that have this?

    If so I need a Sky+ box (but I dont want Sky+, I want to keep my existing package). Would this be a case of getting a Sky+ box and putting my card in it to utilise the optical out port ?

    Thanks for any help guys


    Someone correct me if i'm wrong but i think just plugging a Sky+ box in won't work because they need two incoming reception cables to be plugged in and they use a different encryption card. On a brighter note, if you opt for sky+ you'll wonder how you ever managed without it. Failing that, if you have a HD Ready TV then the new Sky HD box has an optical out as well.

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    I know - I needed to do this on the cheap.

    I opted for an Xbox 360 - really enjoyed it until I seen one on a HD bought a 50" HDTV.

    I was happy then until I went to my mates house & he had surround sound...............So I bought some myself.... I have to buy Sky+ - does the cost ever end - haha

    Ha Ha! I'd find a cheaper mate.

    It's worth trying the "I'm switching to NTL/Telewest" line with Sky to see if Retentions will give you a decent offer. Don't think they'll do a deal on the HD box though as they're proving popular and it wouldn't be installed till July/August.

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    Looks like i'd have to get the Sky+ package then as the easies toption

    Would this work.........

    If I got a DVD player with a Scart In, Scart Out & Optical out, would I be able to run my Sky box to my DVD Scart In, Use the Scart out for the DVD picture, but have the Optical out channelling my Sky audio ?

    Doubt it, I believe Scart is an analogue format and the optical out will be digital S/PDIF (usually either Dolby Digital or DTS) so it needs to come directly from the source.

    Even if you buy a new $ky box the old card won't work as each card is "married" to the box it operates in, meaning you'll need to get $ky to either send a new card or possibly reprogram the old one if that can be done over the air.

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    Why can't these things be simple - lol

    Your existing card will work fine with the SKY+ box, SKY+ will work on one rf cable (would only give you one viewing option) and you would have to put it in the correct feed and one does the viewing feed and the other goes to the recording feed, this is based on you getting a 2nd hand sky+ box (on ebay for instance)and installing yourself, which is no biggie.and all you would do is register the new box with sky to pair your card up to get your channels through.
    REMEMBER and tell them you are not wanting the sky+ subscription though.
    I can give you the proceedure for a forced download to get the channels through instantly aswell.

    OR as mentioned above by Syzable, say that you have a box that keeps switching to standby, they will try a proceedure over the phone(off at plug, hold the back-up button in, switch plug back on while still holding the back-up button on the box, all the lights will go on) and just pretend you are doing it, if they do this proceedure tell them that all the lights on the box are on and they will tell you to wait 10 mins and phone back if it does not go back to normal, THIS is when you call back and get angry that someone has killed your box, you are very dissapointed as you were intending to get sky+ in a couple of months when your new job starts. you might as well cancel the contract, most Operators will feel guilty and see if they can get you a new install. most likely with sky+ as they are trying to wean out the sky boxes,

    If it does not work and they say they will cancel your contract, you will have a month of viewing that allows you to change your mind, and all you would do is call back and say the box started to work again and request a credit for the loss of viewing as the last operator said you were entitled to it.


    sorry to have gone on so much. :oops:

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    Fizzie - you are a star - haha

    Karma to you honey !

    8 1/2 years loyalty to sky CUSTOMERS. :thumbsup:

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    I take it this wont work if I'm still in the first 12 months of my sky contract ? i.e I can't really threaten to cancel ! could always upgrade me - haha

    been off sick for 12month with spinal injury so i can't do that sorry, I wondered about you being in contract you can still get a sky+ box second hand and install on the one rf cable, but this might null and void your warrenty, only if it is picked up on at a later date. you could still try it and say that you would rather have an upgrade to sky+ if there is any offers for customers within their contract, low chance though. sorry babes xxx
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