Having a nightmare choosing a 2 in 1 or laptop!

    i have been looking now for a good year (honestly) i have one of those research the heck out of stuff then never actually choose anything mentalities.

    I just need something that runs Windows with a great screen (full hd +, will be replacing my Nexus ten as a media consumption device as it has started to reboot when watching YouTube videos...), decent audio and can do video watching, basic browsing and some fairly low end audio interfacing from my Yamaha thr guitar amplifier. I've been looking on gearbest at a few but I'm put off by the lack of warranty/ quality.
    Any suggestions. Budget is say £350-400 or less. Some of the gearbest stuff is like 120-180 but I'd prefer to spend more for a warranty and decent quality



    Have you done a factory reset on your tablet. Normally sorts issues with apps crashing.

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    Have you done a factory reset on your tablet. Normally sorts issues with … Have you done a factory reset on your tablet. Normally sorts issues with apps crashing.

    ​Yeah. it's just a bug on this Nexus unfortunately and has been abandoned by Google

    Don't buy one with a detachable keyboard. I have had two, Lenovo Miix 3 and Asus T300 chi. The Asus was really nice and quality but I find detachable 2 in 1's really frustrating. The Lenovo had just one fixed position when in laptop mode and the Asus felt like I was going to break the screen every time I opened it. I sold the Lenovo for the Asus and for now I have got a Lenovo Yoga 300 2 in 1. It's perfect as a 2 in 1 as it has the 360 degree hinge system which I find much better and the one I got came with 4gb ram and 500gb hard drive and quite a decent processor. The screen however is a TN panel and I miss the quality.

    I will be replacing the Yoga possibly for another Yoga but with a better screen. You could have a look out for a decent Yoga 2 pro or Yoga 3 pro on Ebay. They have back lit keyboards, high res screens and decent processors. They also did the one I have with a higher resolution screen as well. I just have a saved search on ebay and check everyday for anything that's posted with tablet / convertible facility. It really depends on if you want new or prepared to get a good quality second hand one. I tend to stay away from the dealers on ebay and look for the private sellers.

    Be careful on the Yoga 300's on offer if you want one with a decent screen. If it's the 300-11IBR then it has a TN panel which is quite grainy and viewing angles are terrible.
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