Having a problem with my Nectar card

Found 27th May 2013
I use my Nectar card for purchases I make for the business I work for on eBay, I have the permission of the MD to do this.

Anyway 6 weeks ago Nectar froze my account without warning or giving me a reason why. I used every form of communication they offer bar carrier pigeon only to be eventually told that my account is under investigation, no other information was given. I was told a senior member of staff would ring me, but this of course has never transpired.

I complained on their Facebook page hoping that a public message may spur them on, but all I got was another email saying that my account was under investigation.

It's been 6 weeks and I really don't know what my options are, if I contact them they just give the same copy and paste response or I speak to an Indian with the promise of a more senior member of staff ringing me back.

I understand they have a right to protect themselves from fraud, but 6 weeks is a long time to figure out whether or not I'm a Sainsbury's employee that is scanning his/her card instead of the customers. There are a lot of points on the card and I now feel that Nectar are never going to unfreeze the account.
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Hmm interesting. Can't help but do let me know the outcome. I am in a similar boat in that I too use my nectar card linked ebay account to purchase on behalf of work and as a result, I have thousands of pounds going through monthly via ebay. Got about £50 quid at the moment having already cleared the nectar once 2 months ago of around the same amount.

Can't see anything wrong in what we are doing. Have you been getting refunds on purchases after points were issued and spent?
Around 9% of our items are eventually refunded, either due to the user scamming us or the item being not as described.

I've never had a negative balance on nectar and let's just say my points are well above zero. Have you had your account frozen? My MD also uses his Nectar card on the other eBay account we use for buying and pretty much has the same number of points as me, he has yet to have his account frozen.

Also business buying is not against the T&C, in fact they even encourage it with a special card they offer to businesses that unlocks a few more wholesale retailers.
Taxable perk,
Yes it is, what's your point?
Don't know if they read this forum but Nectar have all of a sudden completed their investigation and reopened my account, they've given me 1000 extra points as compensation.

Time to go crazy in Argos and Sainsbury's...
Result! Sorry I didn't get back to you but no mine is not frozen - it was more pondering the thought that I do pretty much what you do

Just wish you could purchase amazon vouchers with Nectar! Got so many purchases to do with all this free money sitting in Nectar and the only option is overpriced Argos!
I think you can buy Amazon vouchers from Sainsbury's in store?
oh! Now you're talking.
I'll pop in tomorrow
If you can then it's better then the old way of waiting 3 working days for your vouchers to be created. What the hell was that about!?
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