Having issues with visual basic

    I am trying to assign different labels as fields from an access database. I have attached the database to my program but just cant seem to code the link for the labels to show the fields that I want from the database.

    If you know how to help would be great if you could!


    What is the code you have written so far? What error do you get if any? Have you checked if you have written database connection code correctly? Sorry about the questions.

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    I have connected the database to my application through the visual basic wizard. I have no real coding with regards to the labels because I cant seem to find code that works.

    All I want is for example

    Label1.text = database1.field.firstfield

    Thanks for your help

    I am very new to programming so it may be an easy question but I just cant find the solution anywhere!

    have you made a connection string to your database?

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    Have now. I placed it in the form load.
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