Having MAJOR Problems with MSN and Laptop..... PLEASE HELP :( BEING 100% DEADLY SERIOUS.

    Having loads of trouble with MSN

    1. Everytime I log in it comes up with a grey box with 'Script checks' and it asks me if I want to carry these on.... Press Yes... itcarry's on..... press No.... it carry's on and press the X and it carry's on.

    2. The pending requests above my contacts.... i keep blocking people sending me requests but they just don't delete.

    3. And thirdly. Its popps up a few times a month about MSN Messenger Plus about twice a month and i've just installed it. It came up on Kasperky that it has a Trojan I cannot get rid of.

    I am now doing a full scan on the laptop

    Anybody else having these problems?

    P.S. If a programme 'contains vulnerability' what does that mean....


    me 2 avin probs
    i keep sending links to my friend when im off line...............
    its doing my head in grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

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    me 2 avin probs i keep sending links to my friend when im off … me 2 avin probs i keep sending links to my friend when im off line...............its doing my head in grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

    Same here.....

    forgot to add this aswell....

    4. It signs off and says in the corner. You have signed on, on another computer. Click here to sign on again. :x

    thats a virus i had the perfect malware software for this but dont remember it now. I wil search on the web.

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    Like I said doing scan and REALLY shocked to see how many Trojans are on..... I'll see what it's like after the scan.

    did it work

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    did it work

    It seems better but the scriptchecks are still on. But it hasn't signed out yet..... so fingers crossed.
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