Having problems with CEX

    Hi, Ordered a 2 games from CEX, 1 came with no insrtuctions the other has not turned up now and has been 5 - 6 week, I did contact them before with regards to this matter, 1 they said nothing to do with us if the game comes with no instructions and 2 come back after 30 days or so if the game has not turned up. It took several attempts to get this info from them.
    Now again I am writing to them via email stating the no show of my game, I have now sent them another 3 emails and still no answer!!
    Have no idea what to do!!
    Any ideas. thanks guys:)


    Was like that my first time. Said they would phone me but I'm still waiting.

    I too am waiting for CEX , I have made several attempts but every game I want they just say no to.
    Now I'm frustrated and don't know what to do with myself. Sometimes they want more money then it's worth and I can get it cheeper elsewhere.
    I too find it hard without instructions.

    I had the same sort of problem, I ordered a game which arrived with the corner of the case all smashed!
    eventually found a phone number to call, which actually has an answerphone message saying please email, so I contacted them, contacted them, contacted them with no reply, eventually got an email back saying send it back for a refund.
    I told them I wanted to order something else and if they simply sent me a replacement plastic case I'd be happy, but Noooooooo!
    so I just gave it up as a bad job as it was going to cost me to send back.
    result- broken case

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    These guys are a joke! never again!

    Try a cex therapist?

    It says online that some of their games do not have instructions in the case, it's the only reason I now only buy in the stores so I can reject the item straight away if it's not upto a decent enough standard.

    Make a complaint to trading standards, or to there HQ


    Try a cex therapist?

    But what if my partner won't come.

    cex staff are not too bright, ordered 2 sata hard drives senr me two ide hard drives hard to return still waiting on refund so put a case aagaist them on paypal that was 3 weeks ago, Staff just say don't know. THICK AS TWO PLANKS

    Just do a paypal claim and get your money back

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    Just do a paypal claim and get your money back

    Would do but payed via CC
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