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anyone had this done ,,,,pain ............or no pain

please advice......ta

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You know what they do right?

I should imagine there's pain.....

havent had it done,but brother did-he complained of swelling/pain for about 3/4 days afterwards.

oO pain.

pain, ache for a week or so, occasional random aches for the rest of your life... no kids tho..

dont do it brah

My ex had it and he said it just had a 'pulling' feeling..........until i dumped my handbag in his lap driving him home!! ooops!

It usually goes with some discomfort but sometimes it does have problems, a guy I worked with suffered real bad for a few weeks with some nasty swelling but I have known others who have been back to work the following day....


it wasnt too bad maybe 20 secs of real pain while the needle goes in the ball bag lol but nothing to bad after watch all the wifes laughing when its your turn lol hey loved it (pay back i guess lol )

my hubby had it done he took painkillers when anasthetic wore off,wore tight underwear for a couple of weeks he was fine and no more kids

oh forgot to say he drove home and went to work next day

i work in a hospital urology theatre and if you are having a general anaesthetic then as long as they give u plenty of painkiller when you are under when you wake up you should be fine. also the recovery should involve painkillers, anti flams and antibiotics. im not saying pain free but not as bad as you may think.

My other half had it done about a year ago now, had bruising for about a week afterwards, but remarked that there was only about a minute or two of sharp pain, and then a dull ache afterwards for a day maybe. Nice and snug underwear and painkillers for a couple of days - no probs haha

absolutely no need for a general anaesthetic for this - i'd be very surprised to find any practitioners wanting to knock you out for the snip.

very quick op - literally minutes, bit of discomfort for a few days but very bearable.

have heard one or two horror stories but have heard of far far more people having simple, successful procedures which makes me think the horror stories may have been more urban myths than truth.



A ga purrrrrrlease if women can have their stomach and uterus cut through … A ga purrrrrrlease if women can have their stomach and uterus cut through have a baby pulled out and stitched back up again under a local, the snip has got to be a walk in the park. you mention it you have got a point tinks ;;;))


I had the snip. Something went wrong and the sperm kept building up in my testicles till they went pop. I now find men really attractive and often find myself kissing the bloke in the mirror.

My hubby also considering this. Have heard one or two horror stories though... serves me right for googling.

beat me too it tinks , was just about to say it wont be anywhere near as painful as childbirth i'll bet (_;)

OH wants me to have it done too ..........

Its safer, less complications that female sterilisation and you can get it done under a local anaesthetic. Its not really painful, just a little bit uncomfortable for a couple of days. Like others have mentioned you might get an odd ache now and again.

I've had it done, went in a Friday morning, I was put under as no **** was coming near my nads with a needle whilst I was awake, out again Friday evening, back to work Monday. No real pain, just a dull ache. now trying to fill the sample pot to take back to the hospital to see if it worked is a different story !

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I am feeling weird just reading this. Don't think I could go through it.
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