Having trouble connecting my apple tv remote to my apple TV box 3rd gen(I have 1x silver 1x white)

Picked up my first apple box today, the silver remote that came with it wasn't showing no flashing/blinking lights on the apple TV when I pressed the button so I tried my old white remote from my mac which worked fine.
Minutes late and being a bit pee'd that the silver remote was not working I tried disconnecting the white one by holding left and menu for 6 seconds then tried connecting the silver by holding right and menu with no joy nor any blinking lights on the apple TV.
Now I can't even connect to my white remote to the apple TV but it will still connect to my macbook pro when trying, with this remote i am getting the blinking lights on the apple tv

Anyone out there able to point me in the right direction please


try the battery or hold menu left until you see the link sign

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Tried changing the battery in the silver remote earlier but still seems like theres no lights on the apple tv, left menu? is that not for disconnecting? the girlfriend taken over the tv for a short while for x factor zzzzzzz

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thanks for your reply browny I'll let you know how I got on

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All sorted, I guess google really is our friend...lol the silver remote that was sold to me with the unit had the wrong battery in explaining why it didn't work at all and makes me think that the seller really thought they was getting rid of their faulty unit.
Also if anyone else ever has hassle getting their remote to pair then switch off your unit for 10 mins and pair the remote like browny says in his post
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