Hawkin's Bazaar sells Mrs Potato Head for <1mil

    Thought it was funny that Mrs Potato Head is a little on the expensive side....…ead

    I had posted this as a deal earlier (a little light hearted comment) but I was reprimanded and marked as spam. I clearly have a little to learn about what's what here as to the posting rules, sorry for the incorrect post

    *edit: I clearly do have a lot to learn, now with link!


    i swear i've seen giant dinosaurs and other stupid items get to 1000 degrees plus!

    Some people are miserable marking things as spam recently. There's been some funny threads on Misc and they've spammed them

    Original Poster

    Oops, had left the link out the initial post! What a dunce.…ead

    Original Poster

    i would have thought most places sell them for <£1m

    and £999,999,998.00 is nearly a billion not a million again

    Original Poster

    Hmm, I'm beginning to agree my post is spam I have so many errors

    Haha, even funnier if you click on 'view stock levels' they have either sold out or low stock throughout the country oO

    Can see why, its a bargain X)
    Edited by: "shopstilldrops" 11th Jan 2011


    and £999,999,998.00 is nearly a billion not a million again

    Depends if you use the long scale or short scale system. Personally I stick to the English (long scale )system.
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