Haye v Bellew fight might be cancelled

    The Sun reports that this weekend's big heavyweight fight between David Haye and Tony Bellew in London could be in doubt.

    Haye is reportedly suffering from an Achilles problem and has travelled to Germany for treatment from his private doctor

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    Haye is a joke. Surprise he's not blaming his little toe again.


    could be serious, could be his big toe.

    He's sprained his afro.

    2 very unlikeable men.

    Haye slightly shades it in the 'Battle of the nobs'

    Sideshow Nob
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    Oh God I hope not. The handbags at dawn is taking its toll now. Was looking forward to it being done and dusted.

    Watched the two of them the other night after the EFL final sat at a table chatting **** to each other. They both seemed like nobs to me but Haye in particular came across as thick as pig **** on top of that, every time Bellew made a vaild point Haye just sat there not having a clue what to say other than "i'm going to knock you out, i'm going to knock you out, i'm going to knock you out".

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    Yeah I agree both very unlikable however haye has lost a big fight before and blamed it on his little toe hurting. He's a joke

    He's strained his ego

    dont believe the hype, both are laughable its all ramped up for idiot punters to pay £17 for this drivel, lets face it both are decent at best, haye is way past his best but will still will knock bellew out if he connects, i love boxing but people say it's a gentlemens sport you want to watch the pre fight press conf with derry matthews, haye and bellew..its a disgrace and eddie hearn is also a clown and brings the sport down to a gutter level, its funny the only person who dosent gob off and insult and swear is joshua because he dosent need to he is a class act, but the rest are very average boxers,remeber bellew before the nathan cleverly fight and then stunk the place out.and hayve v klitsko also was terrible....i for one wont be fooled into buying this tripe

    Probably all BS...just to hype it up further
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