Haye vs Klitschko........ The Face OFF!!!

    Anyone seen this slagging match yet? Brilliant, cannot wait for the fight next week!!…wS0



    Anyone know what time fight is scheduled to begin?

    Definite purchase for me.

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    about 9.30pm start



    about 9.30pm start

    Cheers, can't wait. Hope it's a nice day to get the BBQ on beforehand then.

    Duplicate post mate.

    Someone posted it here on Saturday I believe.
    But ye, looking forward to the fight
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    I'll just be getting back from a bbq - heres hoping my local shows this one after all hell broke loose over haye vs harrison (they'd been advertising it as being shown for weeks and then couldnt be bothered to buy it) - Needless to say I found a good stream

    Damn I'm waiting for this fight...
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    Its on my birthday!

    Beer, poker, more beer, fight and more beer...

    ...And then we watch the boxing

    Love to see haye smash him but klitsco is a monster. Will be. A very good fight though.

    Can imagine klitsco saying what that big russian says in the rocky film...

    "If he dies, he dies".

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    so whos gonna win then?

    I'm going for Haye in the 6th

    Could go all the way.
    The mindgames ahave reached a new level; will Wlad swing or will he keep on hugging and go for a big KO.

    This gonna be huge!


    Should be a great fight. With Hayes speed he should easily get round the jab but things aren't always that simple. Still fancy haye for it though
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