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    I've noticed some people post things about little red nosing machines and also medinose that helps hayfever. Do they actually work and if so, anyone got any good deals for them or anything similar?




    There are various types of hayfever medicines such as tablets or nose sprays, and various different drugs in different brands. They work for allergies such as cat hair allergas well as hayfever. I find it amazing the difference Claritin makes, it is fantastic stuff. You should make sure you get a non-drowsy one as some can make you very sleepy and dopey. I am allergic to Zirtec so they aren't all the same.
    If you get free prescriptions then go to your doctor and ask for some, if you pay then over the counter ones are your best bet, talk to a pharmacist if you are unsure what you want/need. On here there have been various theads of people saying here to get cheap antihistamine, but I can't comment about these.

    A traditional method to combat hayfever is to eat local hunny. It works for some, by eating the hunny made from local pollens your body is clever and somehow naturally gets over the hayfever problem.

    EDIT: I just re-read your orignal post, I've totally not answered your question...sorry, thought you said medicine not medinose. That'll teach me to read it properly next time!

    I have hayfever tablets called Cetrizine on prescription from the doctors. I consider it better than all the other commercial ones out there.

    There was a deal on cetrizine tablets not so long ago but think that was for like a mega packet. Good luck in your decision.

    hi dont think. Just buy this medinose plus its an absolute beauty best summer im having and iv suffered from hayfever ever since i can remember. Advice to anyone with the following systems runny nose and either one or both nostrils blocked this little device works wonders apparently the red rays which work on nerves up our nose whicfh swell with hayfever prevents swelling so sneezizng and breathing becomes so easy i also have noticed i used to get asmatic too with hayfever and this year the only medication i am using after trying everything under the sun is medinose plus and im playing football just as i do where previous years i had to stop playing football the time i had hayfever so anyone who is a severe sufferer my advice invest in medinose plus because i know its just awful and enjoy summer without any drowsyness.

    There are quite a few options for treating hayfever. I am not sure there is any good evidence that the items you suggest help.
    1. Antihistamine tablets such as cetirizine( Zirtek), loratadine(Clarityn), fexofenadine(Telfast) or chlorpheniramine(Piriton) ( and others)
    Most of these tablets are available to buy without a prescription in their generic form. Don't go for brand names such as Zirtek . Often patients think they are getting a new medication when they go to their GP, not realising that the same drug may go by several different names. You are paying for the name. Your GP may prescribe 2 months at a time which may be cheaper than buying OTC.
    2. Steroid or antihistamine nasal sprays. Can be bought over the counter without prescription. Work on nasal and eye symptoms.
    3. Antihistamine eye drops , generally need a prescription - eg Optilast and others
    4. Sodium cromoglycate eye drops
    5. Allergy avoidance. Washing out eyes with water.
    6. Immunotherapy - specialist treatment, can cause fatal allergic reactions.
    7. Combining some of the above.
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