Found 7th Apr 2008
Hi just wondering if any body knows anything about haze ive seen a little and it looks gr8

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Got it on pre order for OH at game
last heard due for release in May

Wasn't it due for release first week of january?

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Yeah it was but they brought it back now its something like 'April/May'

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Have they decided if its coming out for 360 cause everybody that had a ps3 was saying that this one should just come out for the ps3???

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Free Radical, the developers of this game have said that this game is not being developed for PC or xbox 360 and if sales are good then it will stay that way but if sales are poor (especially with GTA4 coming out) then it may go multi-platform later in the year.

Actually is is widely believed that they continued dev on 360 and PC (which were at a fairly extensive stage) and then signed a timed exclusive deal with Sony so have been saying nothing about other versions since. bit like UT3.
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