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Found 16th Jan 2009
I had a 32" HD Ready TV and the picture from my Virgin + box was satisfactory. Roll on a week and I have a new 37" 1080p TV and the picture is not so good, with text blurring, black looking grey and not particularly good pictures, etc. Thought it may be the TV however Virgin Media sent an engineer who said: "We broadcast 1080i not 1080p so you cannot set your V+ box to full HDMI only 720". Furthermore, he said that the reason that I may have seen a better picture on my brothers identical TV was that Virgin deliver quite a low signal frequency in some areas, which begs the question as to what is the purpose of having a full HD TV and Virgin?. Very disappointing, has anyone else got similar problems? and/or is anyone with Virgin considering updating their TV as it may not be worth spending the money to get to 1080p if the Virgin don't deliver a 1080p signal.. Does anyone know what SKY Broadcast their HD programmes at, 1080p? I might have to switch over though I have been considering this for a while dure to the lack of HD channels on Virgin, and the 4 new ones later this year most likely being for on-demand services as Sky will not let them have HD
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SKY HD can be 720 or 1080i but not 1080p (not sure if HD box can do 1080p though (anybody)
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SKY HD can be 720 or 1080i but not 1080p (not sure if HD box can do 1080p … SKY HD can be 720 or 1080i but not 1080p (not sure if HD box can do 1080p though (anybody)

yes, 1080p, very pleased with mine:thumbsup:
Now that is interesting.

I've had V+ for just over a week now and so far very impressed with the picture quality, both SD & HD and with the on demand contents.
Been wondering if I got a 1080p now, would it be worth it, but I'll hang on now for a bit as Blue Ray is not top of the list yet (by a long way) and keep the 1080i LCD I have now and enjoy what I have.

Was with Sky (Sky+) but Virgin offered a better deal and have been with them for long while with there broadband.
Only problems with the V+ I find is the slow response to the remote/Software lag.

Still bought a cheap sat card for the PC and have that running from the original dish, obtaining FTA channels, so got the best of both worlds.
BLU RAY ONLY (or toshiba HD-DVD if you have it)
not sky HD (1080i on some live sports)
1080p sets have to work harder to process the picture for 720p and SD (broadcasting), but they of course have the advantage of being 1080p for blueray players etc.

I'm also on Virgin cable but just the standard SD stuff on an old pace box and I have to say virgins signal on most it's channels is awefull. If I compare the same channel like BBC1 via freeview with a coat hanger stuffed in the ariel socket against Virgins signal the coat hanger wins by a country mile. To me some channels on Virgin are little better than a 56k dial up modem streamed broadcast, but it might because my reciever box is too old to cope with the latest compressed signals.. all I know is Virgin cable for me is extremely poor quality.
Thanks for your comments. I thought I would get a much better picture with Virgin HD with a 1080p set however it seems that their broadcast is at a rate that makes it seem worse than with an HD Ready TV. I was interested in knowing whether I would get a better picture with Sky HD as the blurring, etc.. with Virgin makes my eyes hurt after a short period of time but if it was no better then moving to Sky wouldn't be worth considering. Perhaps I would be better off sticking with the built in Freeview however I really like Virgins + service, including the iPlayer, on demand and many other features and I really cannot fault their high speed broadband service which is great value for money. Just wish I had known what I know now before buying an expensive TV. Good news though is the staggerig quality with Blu-Ray, especially watching the Planet Earth set where the picture quality is out of this world. Perhaps one day Virgin HD will improve?
unlikely as sky and virgin are broadcasting at the same standards.

sky have more hd channels now (depending on your tv package of course) but hopefully virgin may add more soon.
virgin tv has concentrated on their on demmand and catch up whereas sky have gone more to hd channels and movies.
we have sky hd on in our shop on a samsung series 6 and it looks great.
however i suspect that on SD or on bbchd service, virgin and sky would look the same
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