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    Hey Everyone,

    Appreciate any help regarding this. I have a Samsung HD Ready TV 1080i.
    The back of the TV has the standard HD AV ports (The set was bought in 2005)

    I was wondering, if I buy the Xbox 360 Elite, which has both HD AV cables and HDMI cables supplied, is there some way or another I can put the HDMI port into my TV (The TV has no HDMI port) is there so converter that can be used of any sort?



    Has it got a vga port?

    If so you will need one of these.


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    Where can I find this?


    Where can I find this?

    What? The VGA port? Looks like this.

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    No. On the Samsung Product Support page the PDF shows on page 5 (…pdf)


    On my set there is no HDMI port. Every manual on the page all display a HDMI port. My set does'nt just has the HD ports and AV ports.

    I think Samsung will get a call ahem from me tomorrow, the problem is, we got the set in 2005. So I don't know what warranty I have. My mum does'nt know English and she has no receipt or proof of purshase as we got this set as a gift. Is there no converter that does HDMI to HD AV ports or HDMI to AV Scart? Eh budget in mind mate.

    Have replyed to your PM. Sorted now?
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