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    hi all

    im looking at purchasing a hard disk drive camcorder for a maximum of £350 and was wondering if anyone could suggest models worth considering. from searching the internet the Sony DCR-SR32 seems to get good reviews does anyone have this camcorder and if so what do you think of it?

    im open to any suggestions

    many thanks


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    anyone got any suggestions at all?

    Hi onlyme23

    We have been looking at the Sony model (£285) also which does seem to get good reviews, for its price point.

    We have also looked at the Panasonic SDR-H20 which is similar in spec although has a slightly larger display at 2.7" and is £35-40 cheaper if you do a Google and it can record to SD cards also which are very cheap.

    I have almost come to the conclusion that at this price point it may be wise to save £200+ and buy a similar-spec Mini DV such as the Sony DCR-HC27E posted here on the forum.

    You will get very similar features and likely better video quality due to the lower compression used with Mini DV. OK, it may feel like you are buying into 'older' technology which you are but there will be supporters of the format for years yet and it will give HDD cameras a chance to develop and lower in price.

    If you are prepared to spend closer to £400 consider something like Panasonic SDR H-250 (£380) or even High Definition HDD (mid £400+) which will offer greater performance/features, but if you are prepared to look again in a year or two save a bundle and buy a Mini DV which will still enable you to record and archive everything digitally and the quality is good.

    Obviously, there are convenience features of HDD which only you can decide upon.

    I think the two HDD models mentioned are good at that price point.

    Just my unqualified thoughts on the matter

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