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Found 7th Sep 2008
i know nowt on this...all i know is i want one!

whats better the ones that record oto dvd or onto hd...is it pointless on dvd as i hear u cant get much onto a dvd...furthermore will a hd dvd play on a blu ray player thingy..i dont have one yet...but when i do (as we all will eventually) will i have unplayable discs. till then can i not play the dvds on my normal dvd player.

also my tv is wall mounted...apparently u need a hd input or something whichj is at the back of the tv...cant u watch hd via the red and yellow wire inout thingies on the side?

thanks to anyone who can help and make sense of what im saying!
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I would get a hard drive one. then you can hook it up and get the full HD to your tv directly rather than playing through a dvd player.
hukd say there is a blu ray one and not bad price..review says costs 35-40 quid for a single blu ray rewriteable disc! wow! hotukdeals.com/ite…ca/


anyways titchi... thats true..but what about archiving footage.... how would i transfer to dvd? via comp? how long does that take? could i play that on a blu ray machine OR hd machine..cos hd has died right?
That bluray looks to be a good price. Remember its re-writable so if you only had a couple of disks you could keep swapping the footage to your computer. One thing to be aware of is that HD footage is going to big in size.. so you will need a big hard drive!

It would probable take a fair amount of time to transfer to your computer via USB.. but if you have a blu ray drive on your computer that would be quicker.
Can get a 5 pack of Blu ray recordables for £58 on svp..


saw this on QVC and thought, that's a reasonable offer - you can get 8GB SDHC cards now for about £12, enough for several hours worth of footage
Try a sanyo xacti super small pocket size.
thanks guys...gonna look into this in a sec..... kids up at mo... thanks though u r all awesome!
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