HD camcorder, have any of you got one, are they any good and any idea where the cheapest place is

    Hi, thining of getting a HD camcorder any make any format please has anyone had any experience?


    hi ive got a really nice sony one and its great, only down side is the lens is not very wide. try the argos clearance shop on fleabay, good bargains and reputable dealer

    I have a Sony HDR-TG3E, I'm just selling it in fact to upgrade. my only advice is be carefull if you're looking to edit the video theres only a limited number of applications that are compatiable with .m2ts at the moment.


    Are u selling on hukd

    I am, but its already been deemed overpriced by someone who'd prefer to purcahse bundled items individually and not taken into account shipping prices :roll:
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