HD DVD & scratched / marked discs

Found 23rd Oct 2007
OK so got the 360 Hd Drive and very pleased.

Bought the mission impossible box set pre-owned from gamestation. The discs were in pretty good condition but with a few 'light marks' - nothing that would upset a standard dvd.

However, during playback, several times, the disc just froze, and I could only switch the player off and on again to get it moving. (BTW worked fine with 300 - a brand new unblemished disc).

So, i'm assuming that as the capacity of an HD disc is vaster than a standard dvd, that they are far less forgiving to the odd scratch / scuff / blemish.

Anyone else know of this?

needless to say I had noticed the condition of the discs when I bought them and was assured by the sales bod that I can most certainly take them back if there's any probs, which I will be doing tomorrow!

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I believe the 'film' on the surface is a lot thinner than a standard DVD, and are more costly to make.

HD DVD uses the same construction and materials as normal DVD, the data is also at the same depth.

I have had freezing issues with HD DVDs but only when they've not been updated, I haven't had any issues with scratches yet.


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Hmm, when i put 300 in the machine, it did an update. But not for mission impossible!
Although I think the 'pits' and scuffs are probably to blame on this one - but I guess it's possible that it could be the drive??
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