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    ok getting a 360 and the hd drive this week and should be getting a ps3 60gb soon after

    what im asking is are hd and blu ray region specific?

    ive noticed the ezydvd hd sale and dont wanna order them if they wont work on my 360

    any help?


    No idea about HD on the 360, but bluray is region specific for movies but not games japan and the US share the same region so if you import a japanese PS3 it will play uk games but not uk movies. If you go to the states on a shopping trip and you have a uk ps3 you can buy all the ps3 games you want but no movies or at least very few, a few early releases were not region locked.

    hd-dvd's are region free as far as i know so you can buy them from anywhere.

    Original Poster

    rep to both you guys

    so im best getting a uk 60gb if i can!

    HD-DVD is region free, Blu-Ray is not - the UK is region B. Although there are loads and loads of BD discs that are manufactured region free. Not quite sure how this works out myself, but places like movietyme lets you order them from america. I am referring to movies btw here.
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