HD DVD burner?

    Its my hubbys birthday soon and he mentioned he wanted a hd dvd burner. Now i dont have
    much knowledge about these kind of things and wondering if someone could point me in the right direction.

    I DO know about HD-DVD and Blu Ray so dont need the speech about HD is dead


    If you know HD is dead, why do you want a burner for which you will not be able to get HD media.

    That aside, I don't know of any HD writers. They are all blu ray writers and HD readers. This site is one of the cheapest in the UK and are reliable.…ers

    That one says its a Blu Ray writer…089

    But i'm presuming Blu Ray disks cost a bomb?

    Blank media is about £8.00 a time, the same price as the original, so there is no point in copying existing movies or programs. It depends what he wants to do with the burner.

    The LG you picked is a good burner, from a good make. LG is reliable. But it is Blu-Ray, you said you wanted HD.

    Original Poster

    i know he mentioned about converting blu ray to hd dvd. maybe its not such a good idea me trying to buy something that he knows about and i dont lol

    You cannot convert one to the other.

    you could buy a hd-dvd then transfer the files to the pc, then burn it to blu-ray disc

    At this moment in time, there is no benefits in trying to burn to HD in any format. The costs are not worth the expense. If he had need of large storage then disc drives are probably the better option. Blu Ray burners are new toys, and for some thats enough to want them.
    If I were you, I would ask your hubby if he would like one for his pressie, rather than you getting something that does not do what he wants. I would be happier with that myself, at least I would then be getting the burner I wanted.

    I know LG produce a drive that burns both hd-dvd and blue ray but what cost and where to get them?
    You could always buy him a pc-world gift token
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