HD-DVD trading in

    I recently sold my xbox 360 and now have my HD-DVD drive left with 5 hd dvd's. 4 of these are sealed and are form the 5 free dvds offer. I was looking at the price cex offered for them and it was £5 each!! i was offered £8 no longer than 2 weeks ago. I was wondering if anyone has tried taking them to a dvd store such as HMV and trying to take them back there. This way they would give you around £17.99 each as you could say that they were bought as a gift and had no receipt. Would they take them?


    They shouldnt take em back. Isnt that considered fraud aswell?

    Why dont you put em on ebay, or sell em on here.

    Depends but at best you would get a voucher and id say take 2 at most otherwise they would get suspicious.

    I (ahem) did this 4 years ago when I was skint my 2 datel memory cards died so I sent them back to datel, and they sent me 2 replacements without boxes then 2 brand new sealed ones which I took back to 2 different stores as they were £15 each or 2 for £20, the boss moaned saying I probably bought 2 but I exchanged them for dvds.

    They were short of stock anyway and they were selling well lol

    Still thats bad really lol

    what dvds have you got PM me with prices and I might have them.


    social lurker;1511471

    what dvds have you got PM me with prices and I might have them.

    Sales can't take place like this social lurker- if the OP wants to sell the DVDs on here, he can start a thread in FS/T, make an asking price and you can make an offer.

    You are so right dang them, i was offered 30 cash last week for my 3, now there offering me 24 TRADE IN, GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR
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