[SIZE=2]HMV just shipped My Xbox 360 HD-DVD Add on Drive this morning![/SIZE]

    [SIZE=2]Yay now i can ask for some HD-DVDs for xmas![/SIZE]

    [SIZE=2]And now to the question can anyone recommend any good titles?[/SIZE]


    Well theres not too many titles out on HD-DVD just yet, & HMV have a HD-DVD section so just have a browse thorugh, there a bit pricey though so dont forget your vouchers (for HMV) and quidco.

    this person has made a pdf of 4 diff companies and prices for most hd dvds on sale…860

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    thanks just registered and downloaded

    If you want to know whats on it's way, check out this great US site.
    It has some great news & also reviews all the HD DVD's in depth.

    The other good news is that although they cover both bluray & HD-DVD, their current featured news stories show that HD DVD seems to be the definite format of choice. :thumbsup:


    Straight to the Reviews:- ]http//ww…a=2

    Hope this helps & hope I get my Xbox360 HD-DVD drive soon too.

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    yeah cheers for that and good luck with getting yours best bit was it cost me £116.99 cos I ordered it when that HMV 10% discount code was around!

    Also check out, theres a 3 month trail in the hot deals section and you can rent 2 films 1 disc at a time for 5.99 a month. Try them if you like'em buy'em

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    Arrived this morning!!

    Can't wait to get home and open it and try it out!

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    My word what can I say appart from its awesome!!!

    Can't wait for some really good films to come out on it

    Just to let you all know..
    HD DVD is region free until next year.
    All players out there should be Region Free and the Xbox 360 drives are, I can Confirm.
    Next year the industry may add in region coding but players out now don't have any.

    Whats so good about that?

    Cheaper HD DVDs.…asp

    A great site which does all HD disks and Blu ray (which ARE region coded) with Free Delivery and so far no import tax too. :-D
    It takes about a week to get them but hell, at under £19 delivered for most disks we are talking bargain city. HMV and the like are doing lesser disks for £25!
    Lesser disks?
    Warner have started with COMBO disks - Region 1 SD dvd which will play in your region free DvD players if you have one on one side and the other has a HD DvD version on it. These disks are NOT available in the UK so its a real something extra.
    I think this is great as it continues my DvD collection and starts my HD one.
    I just had Superman Returns delivered and it works fine withall the HD extras of the two disk DvD and a standard edition region 1 version to go with the HD version. :w00t:

    Please note - SD DVD sides of the disk are region 1 coded and won't play in your Xbox DVD (as its Region 2) but the other side the HD DVD side will play fine as its region free.
    Not a issue for most people as you have one player which is region free.

    I have searched about and £19 is the cheapest reliable price I can find.
    Next on my list is World Trade Centre (not a combo, but a great disk) and maybe the Miami Vice combo. Also the USA have a much wider choice, which has to be good.

    Edit - Just ordered World Trade Centre - £20 with express delivery (free standard or £1.38 for express)

    This is my first post here, so Hi everybody! :thumbsup:

    I heard the 360 HD-DVD was region free, BUT when you plug it into a 360 it uses the region the dvd drive on it uses, i.e. region 2 for us.

    The HD dvds are region free, the SD sides of Hd-DVD(combos) and regular dvds are not region free
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