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Found 26th Apr 2006
I know I really can't afford one (hence posting in here to find a deal to tempt me!!), but I'm looking for a High - Def TV of at LEAST 32".

Anyone know any really good bargains ?

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Hi Chris,
Have just bought a 32" Samsung LCD TV from Freemans.co.uk for £630 using a promotional code.
(BDNP)30% off RRP.
This is being discussed on M.S.E
Hope that helps
Original Poster
I seen that mate - I've ordered the 50" Sagem, it should be here on the 10th May !
Hi Chris that 50" Sagem is rear projection tv.It's not LCD or Plasma am I right? Just wondering that's what you actually wanted and have not just bought it thinking otherwise.
Original Poster
Sort of - it's DLP - similar to Rear proj, but a lot more advanced
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