HD LCD TV 26-27inch please

    im after the above that i can use connected to my PC and XBOX 360.

    max price would be £500 (at a push)

    any help would be super !!!! i know currys have the 10% which mite be good.

    i like this and can get it under £500, does it suit my needs ? as i havent a clue.

    [*]DNIe digital image enhancing technology
    [*]SRS TruSurround XT Sound technology
    [*]HDMI digital connectivity
    [*]Game Mode for enhanced gaming
    [*]PC Connectivity
    is this any gud ? anything better ?


    My mate has the previous model to this one (the LE26R41B) hooked up to his xbox 360 and oldish pc and it looks incredible. I have went and ordered that same one you're looking at as a result, delivery planned for tuesday after currys screwed up and it didn't arrive on saturday! I've had a look at a few reviews of the samsung and it seems to tick all the boxes, its apparently not quite as good as the likes of the panasonic 26" (but this doesnt have a pc input) or the toshiba 26" (a little too expensive). For under £500 quid it seems like a seriously good buy, get it quick before the currys discount code expires!

    actually make sure you go for this model instead!…543

    it has built in freeview for a few quid less. use the code 835543CFP at checkout to get price down to £533

    Original Poster

    gud stuff.....

    this deffo connect 2 PC and XBOX ???????? if it does i think ill buy it

    well yeah, i hope so cos thats the exact purpose I've ordered mine for just have a quick double check for yourself on specs before you order. as long as it has d-sub (pc) and component (xbox360), then you can have both running at the same time!

    Original Poster

    would this TV do the job ??? and is it gud ????


    its alot cheeper haha and if it does the same not bothered about freeview as you can get a free view box for 30 quid
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